About Me

I am a licensed psychologist in California (License #PSY20832), and have been offering San Francisco psychotherapy at my private practice since 2006.

My career in the field of mental health started in college, where I majored in Psychology and worked with children with special needs in a hospital setting. Since then, I have

  • worked with adults and children from diverse backgrounds in the United States and in Southeast Asia (Cambodia and Vietnam)
  • taught psychology to college students and interns
  • supervised graduate psychology trainees
  • done research on chronic pain, spirituality and coping, and the impact of trauma
  • helped start an intensive outpatient program in addictions
  • designed mobile apps to address PTSD and other impacts of trauma
  • taught mindfulness
  • provided psychological evaluations and assessment, and
  • provided psychotherapy at the San Francisco VA and in private practice in downtown San Francisco.

Currently, I work with adults, one-on-one, in psychotherapy for issues related to trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, and personal growth.

Want to learn more? Call 415-828-2942 or email laura@drlaurawald.com for a free initial consultation.